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Study Abroad FAQs AnswersThe university application frequently asked questions and study abroad FAQs are answered by our top expert. Our team of education consultants consists of admission counselors and visa experts to help clarify important points and questions students may have. If you have more questions or need further clarification on anything related to studying abroad or the application process check our study abroad FAQs below. If you do not find the answer to your question contact UniAdmission team who would be more than happy to support you and answer your questions.

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Study Abroad FAQs List

The study abroad FAQs are answered by our expert knowledgeable team to help clarify some of the important points and questions students may have. If you have further questions or need clarification on anything related to the application checklist you may contact our admissions team who would be more than happy to support you and answer all of your questions instantly and accurately.

Is IELTS or TOEFL required to apply to university?
The IELTS or TOEFL requirement is added to the application checklist as formality but essentially not all universities need IETLS or TOEFL for issuing the letter of acceptance. Students who have not taken the IETLS or TOEFL test yet can still apply to university without it to avoid mission the university admission application deadline. UniAdmission education consultants can process your application without IELTS or TEOFL and get you a conditional universities acceptance or letter of acceptance to help you secure your university admission early on.

What references are required for university admission?
It is highly recommended that students provide academic reference letters or recommendation letters from their current or previous tutors. If academic references are not possible, then professional or work references from your employer or workplace should be sent instead. For MBA admissions it is recommended to provide one academic reference and one work reference while for PhD admission it is highly recommended to provide two academic references from your master degree tutors.

Is GMAT an essential requirement for MBA admission?
Most top business schools at American Universities, Canadian University and UK Universities require GAMT of high score for MAB admissions. There are some international universities who do not require GAMT to process MBA application and can accept students into their MBA program particular students with good GPA, wok experience, good CV or Résumé and written essay.

Do universities have application fees?
American Universities, Canadian Universities and some UK universities have university application fees which must be paid along with the admissions application. Top universities in USA, Canada and UK have strict application deadline and application fees policies which must be taken seriously particularly if you wish to get into one of the top universities.

How do I send my documents and certificates?
Documents and certificates should to be scanned clearly (preferably color scans) and sent to our university admissions team by email which can be found on UniAdmission Contacts page. Once your full documents and certificates are received our admissions team will review it and update you as soon as possible.

Our International recruitment Office is expanding rapidly which is creating new job vacancies leading to exciting career opportunities. We are therefore seeking enthusiastic, driven and ambitious people to join our International student recruitment team responsible for the marketing and promotion of partner universities abroad. The International education consultant will be based in Dubai within a highly professional and busy office environment. The right job
candidate will be working to promote international universities and English schools across the region.

Responsibilities include the coordination and implementation of an annual student recruitment plan which involves advising and guiding students seeking to study abroad at some of the best universities in the world. In addition the maintenance of student databases, organizing formal information sessions, meetings with prospective students and professionals in the education sector. It also involves visits to universities, colleges, government scholarship departments and meeting their representatives. In such a relationship-driven consulting role, the successful job candidate should be pleasant, friendly, result-oriented and possess exceptional communication skills. Educated to a university-degree level with related work experience would be a big advantage.

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We are seeking to appoint an additional Application Developer to perform job duties with a high degree of professionalism in managing job responsibilities, work priorities, methodologies, and routines. The Web Developer job role entail a readiness to research computing developments and tools, to also apply the research results to design and programming, and in general, to bring best practices and the latest IT concepts to the web application development. The job role is responsible for researching, recommending, managing and maintaining technical metadata standards for structured databases such as MySQL database.

The day to day duties demand extensive work experience and advanced knowledge in The Application Developer must be highly effective working in teams, report to the team leader and may present development progress to other managers who may or may one be IT experts. Responsibilities include timely and responsive communication, fulfillment of deadlines, and a readiness to engage in the bidirectional sharing of knowledge and expertise with colleagues. The developer participates in technical planning as well as the execution of planning priorities.

The right candidate will have a bachelor degree or higher in computing majoring in software development, over five years of programming experience, excellent communication skills and strong attention to details. Must be highly proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL and Web hosting tools. Knowledge in graphic design, mobile application development and SEO skills would be of great advantage.

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The SEO specialist will be responsible for improving the company’s website organic search results. Will also create and launch highly effective SEO campaigns, identify improvement scopes, run PPC campaigns, and strongly improve the company’s website rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The Primary responsibilities are to identify the least expensive but most powerful and profitable keywords for the website, run pay-per- click campaigns, Improve the company’s organic search results, ensure that the website are filled with optimal keywords that are placed appropriately in site content to gain most search engine traffic, write effective call-to- action statements, write credible, influential SEO blogs and web content and effectively use header tags.

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This job vacancy is available as internship to university students or university graduates who are interested in gaining real work experience in a truly competitive yet exciting digital marketing space. With advances in technology, social communication, messaging and online presence reaching customers online has become one of the most exciting fields to work in and develop your skills. The Digital marketing internship could potentially have real progression to any of Dubai jobs. The Candidate should be academically to a level where they know all the basics of marketing especially digital marketing or and basic knowledge of online visibility, social media campaigns, Search engine optimization (SEO), forums engagement and blog marketing. The digital marketing internship in Dubai is 12-16 weeks in duration depending on the eMarketing projects and interns overall performance. Training and coaching is provided to ensure interns have full understanding to our business environment and are gaining relevant market knowledge.
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Internships in Dubai office tend to be challenging yet exciting as all of the internship candidates perform the same day-to- day job activities as other team members. The only simple difference is that the job vacancy or duties many not be as big of a scale. With that is mind Dubai internship candidates are set to gain extensive on the job experience, and thoroughly learn about our company and the international market we operate in. As we regularly hire interns to fill junior job vacancies and short-term projects, the interns are able to gain varied work experience in various departments. The extent of the work-experience gained is normally determined by the project duration. The Internship candidates have the opportunity to join a general internship or can join a specific department such as accounting, marketing, operations, administration, or information technology. Our interns are normally assigned a senior mentor for regular training, coaching and support.

Internship duties depend on which department the Intern would choose to work in, meaning their job responsibilities can range from business unit to another. As they learn more, they can get more involved and take on more responsibility within the department or the specific project. For example a marketing job intern can be working on consumer analytics covering market research, gathering and analyzing data and marketing administration. As they gain more work experience, they could learn about what it takes to develop marketing campaigns, assist field marketing managers and even be involved in creating digital marketing initiatives, such as Twitter or Facebook marketing campaigns.

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