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Study Abroad InfographicUSA, Canada, Australia and the UK are considered to be among the most popular study abroad destinations for international students. Over one million students travel to study in the USA and over half-million travel to study in the UK and Ireland every year.

Not only because those study destinations offer the most sought after amenities, attractions, lifestyle and job opportunities, but also because they have the best universities in the world, universities like UCL, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University of London, Harvard University, university of Toronto and many others.

When compared to private universities in other parts of the world, UK universities , American universities, and Canadian universities tend to offer a more affordable educational opportunities and a lower overall cost of living for students. That makes them a viable option for many international students who are looking to reap the great benefits of a study abroad experience.

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Universities in USA, Canada, Australia and the UK provide an overtly welcoming culture, multinational campus environments, and rich educational experiences, consequently opening doors for greater graduate opportunities. World class organizations such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Vodafone, are some of the companies recruiting graduates from top universities in UK, USA and Canada.

Universities at other popular study abroad destination such UAE universities, Malaysian universities and Chinese university teach many of their degree programs in the medium of English making them a great choice for students. Most of those international universities expect students to take a TOEFL or IELTS exam and achieve a minimum test scores in order to be accepted.

The study abroad process can pose certain challenges, particularly when trying to decide on university choices, campus location, cost of study and safety. The challenge becomes harder given the large number of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered by many of the universities in the various study abroad destinations. >

Our study abroad experts will be happy to walk you through any country’s protocol related to their overseas education program including university policies, admission requirements or visa regulations. Contact UniAdmission Now for free advice.

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